About Invengo’s HF Readers & Antennas

Invengo offers customers a wide range of HF readers and antennas, all of which are well suited for usage in a variety of sectors.

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HF Reader overview

Invengo Medio L40 HF Reader

Compact and robust HF reader
Highly performant in industrial settings
4 RF channels for complex antenna configuration
Delivered as a kit with cables and accessoires

Media L40 Product Details

Invengo Medio P200u

Mid-range reader
Small size and light weight
Ideal item-level tracking solution
Robust with an ergonomic casing Flash

Medio P200u Product Details

HF Antenna overview

Invengo LSA4-SHD Stack Antenna

Designed for industrial environments
Precise reading zone
Robust table-top antenna
Delivered with a 3m built-in coaxial cable

LSA4-SHD Product Details

Invengo LSP-3 Security Pedestal

EAS and AFI security modes
Bi-directional people counter
Discrete design (L-SP3 Clear)
Designed for retail and library applications

L-SP3 Pedestal Product Details

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