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Invengo's antennas are known for their outstanding performance in various conditions. Its product portfolio offers a wide range of RAIN RFID Antennas for multiple applications. Our local based RFID experts are looking forward answering all of your questions to help you select the right product for your needs.
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About Invengo’s XC-ST900-R1 Ultra Rugged Antenna

Invengo XC-ST900-R1 RAIN RFID (UHF) antenna offers high gain, ultra ruggedness and excellent shock, vibration, acid and mildew resistance in a unique design. The XC-ST900-R1 linear polarized antenna is ideal for transportation, land & sea logistics and vehicle tracking applications.

Main Features

  • Operating Frequency
    902 ~ 928 MHz

  • High Gain
  • Excellent acid and mildew resistance
  • Linear Polarization
  • Low VSWR
  • Protection Level: IP67
  • Durable and clean design
  • Simple installation and maintenance
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Invengo XC-ST-900R1 RAIN RFID (UHF) Ultra Rugged Antenna