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Invengo Technologies
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About Invengo’s Smart / Overhead Reader Offering

Imagine you’re easily able to identify and localize people or products in and around your building. With Invengo-Intellifi Smartspots you can realize this by creating a so called smartspot, a location & identification enabled hotspot. The solution comprises of smartspots, tags and the Brain web services to make the information easily available to users. In order to be triggered by a smartspot, people and products are equipped with a small passive RAIN RFID tag that can be easily integrated in a badge, a card, or any other product or package.

People can also be identified by a Bluetooth LE phone. Together with the Brain web services and Apps, the information gathered by the system becomes directly available through smartphones, tablets, webpages and any Office applications.

Factsheet Smartspot Solution

Smartspot overview

Invengo-Intellifi Smartsport Focus

Faster inventories – auto focus multi beam antenna
Simple to use micro zoning
Plug & Play
Unprecedented affordability Lowest TCO

Smartspot Focus

Invengo-Intellifi Smartsport Tile

Overhead RAIN RFID (UHF) Reader / Antenna
BLE, iBeacon supported
Approx coverage 1000 sq. Ft

Smartspot Tile

Invengo-Intellifi Smartsport

Overhead RAIN RFID (UHF) Reader / Antenna
BLE, iBeacon supported
Approx coverage 500 sq. Ft


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