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Invengo Information Tech. Co., Ltd.
3/F, No.T2-B, High-Tech Industrial Park South,
Shenzhen 518057, China

Tel: (86) 755-26711681
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APAC Sales

Invengo Technology Pte. Ltd
10 Kallang Avenue
#05-15 Tower 2, Aperia
Singapore 339510

Office: +65 6702 3909
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Invengo Technology Corp
2700-160 Sumner Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27616,

Office: +1 919-890-0202
Toll Free: +1 855-379-2725
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EMEA Sales

Invengo Technologies
180 Voie Ariane – Athélia 1
13600 La Ciotat

Office: +33 413 96 1111
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Can our RFID experts further assist you?

Need more information about the Invengo's Invengo-Intellifi Smartspot Focus, or just want to learn how we can help you optimize your business processes using RAIN RFID? Please contact our local based RFID experts.
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About the Invengo-Intellifi Smartspot Focus (Gateway)

The Invengo-Intellifi Smartspot Focus enables new and more accurate localization applications in a flash. Combining powerful passive RFID localization with directionality and active Bluetooth Low Energy technology on top of easy to use web based information services. The Smartspot Focus allows for high speed inventories. It supports zone based localization with up to 16 zones by one single unit, ensuring Identification and Localization solutions can be realized smarter and faster than ever before. Technical features like PoE (Power over Ethernet) simplify deployment and dramatically reduce costs by eliminating the need for AC outlet installation.

Main Features

  • Faster inventories – auto focus multi beam antenna

  • Simple to use micro zoning

  • Plug & play

  • Web-API

  • Unprecedented affordability – lowest TCO
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Invengo-Intellifi Smartspot Focus