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Invengo Information Tech. Co., Ltd.
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Shenzhen 518057, China

Tel: (86) 755-26711681
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APAC Sales

Invengo Technology Pte. Ltd
10 Kallang Avenue
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Singapore 339510

Office: +65 6702 3909
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Invengo Technology Corp
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EMEA Sales

Invengo Technologies
180 Voie Ariane – Athélia 1
13600 La Ciotat

Office: +33 413 96 1111
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Welcome to Invengo’s download center. This page is created to supply you with a single location for technical information. Here you can find our Invengo’s free ConneXion software, SDK’s, User Guides and more. Please send in a support ticket if you are not able to find the information you need, or experience any issues with one of our products.

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Handheld Reader Downloads

Please find handheld reader software below.

XC-AT188N (Bluetooth)

User Guide

Update: 2016-03-02

AT188N SDK (v1.3.6)
USB Driver (x86)
USB Driver (64-bit)

XC-AT288N (Bluetooth)

User Guide

Update: 2016-05-25

AT288N SDK (v1.8)

XC-AT388 (Bluetooth)

User Guide

Update: 2017-09-04

AT388N SDK (v1.3.6)
USB Driver (x86)
USB Driver (64-bit)

XC-AB700 (Windows)

User Guide (WinCE)
User Guide (WinMB)

Update: 2017-05-22

AB700 SDK (v20161116)
Platform SDK (C & C++ only)

XC-AT870N (Windows)

User Guide (WinCE)
User Guide (WinMB)

Update: 2017-05-22

AT870N SDK (v20161116)
AT870N SDK (AT870 WinCE Compatibe)
Platform SDK (C & C++ only)

XC-AT870A (Android)

User Guide

Update: 2017-05-23

XC-AT911N (Android)

User Guide

Update: 2017-05-23

AT911N SDK (v1.26)

XC-2903 (Windows)

User Guide

Update: Version 1.1

IRP1 API & SDK (v.1.2)
RAIN RFID Example App
Moto Barcode Scan Example

XC-1003 (Android)

User Guide

Update: Version 1.2

SDK + Library (v.1.22)
XC-1003 Demo App (v.2.7)
User Tips & Tricks Package

Fixed Reader Downloads

Please find all generic fixed reader software below. For product specific information please scroll down to our product overview.

API & SDK (C#, Java & C++)
Demo Application (version 1.3.4)
C# Examples (Demo showing Invengo Features)

Invengo ConneXtion

Invengo ConneXion is a Windows application that quickly and easily allows users to connect to an Invengo XC-RF850, XC-RF861 or XC-RF812 reader and start sending live data via TCP Port, HTTP Post and/or a CSV file in minutes.

Invengo ConneXtion

Getting Started Guide (.pdf)

XC-RF861 Fixed 4-port RAIN RFID Reader

User Guide

XC-RF850 All-in-One RAIN RFID Reader

User Guide
Building a Wiegant Demo


User Guide

XC-RF807 Fixed 4-port RAIN RFID Reader

User Guide

Invengo Medio L40
HF Reader

RED/CE Certification
Decl. of Conformity

Invengo Medio P200u HF Reader

RED/CE Certification
Decl. of Conformity

Antenna Downloads

Please find all product specific information below.

Invengo LSP-3 Security Pedestal (Clear)

RED/CE Certification
Decl. of Conformity